IDEXX Rhodococcus equi RealPCR Test

The IDEXX Rhodococcus equi (R. equi) RealPCR™ Test:

  • Detects strains that contain the virulence plasmid (VapA gene)
  • Includes culture confirmation of the presence of R. equi bacteria, virulent or avirulent strains

PCR methods are more rapid and sensitive than culture, and can identify virulent R. equi

Horses are unique in that the R. equi strains which cause disease almost all contain a plasmid that carries a virulence gene. VapA, whose function is not well understood, is necessary for clinical disease.

The detection of R. equi by standard bacterial culture can be difficult if the horse has received antibiotic therapy. Further, culture cannot identify strains that carry the virulence plasmid. PCR methods are not only more rapid and sensitive than culture, but also can identify virulent R. equi.

Sample requirements

  • Recommended specimen is at least 5 mL of tracheal wash fluid placed in a sterile tube without preservatives.
  • Ship with ice pack within 24 hours of collection if possible. If stored, refrigerate at 4°C but do not freeze.

Turnaround times

Test is performed daily, Monday–Friday, with results available within 48 hours.


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