IDEXX Streptococcus equi (S. equi) subsp. equi ELISA

Quantify Streptococcus equi subsp. equi antibody levels using the test that measures the immune reponse to the SeM protein, the major virulence factor of S. equi subsp. equi.

Performed on serum, this test provides antibody levels as titers in one of five different categories:

  • Negative
  • Weak positive
  • Moderate positive
  • High positive
  • Very high positive

This test is very useful if you suspect:

  • Recent infections or recent vaccinations
  • The need for booster vaccinations
  • Purpura hemorrhagica
  • Metastatic abscesses (“bastard strangles”)
  • Streptococcal myositis

Sample requirements

1 mL of serum.

Turnaround time

Results are available in 2–5 working days.


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