IDEXX LabREXX Software

Spend less time double-checking handwriting and order form accuracy and more time doing the work you love. IDEXX LabREXX Software provides computer-generated requisition forms for streamlined laboratory test ordering to help increase work-flow efficiency.

LabREXX puts test contents, specimen requirements, turnaround times and pricing at your fingertips. And you’ll never run out of forms just when you need them most.


Reference laboratory test requisitions made easy

With LabREXX Software, you can:
  • Reduce the steps needed to submit your laboratory sample.
  • Organize your most commonly used tests into a Favorites List and Top 20 List, making it fast and convenient to select the tests you want.
  • Find new tests easily with the electronic menu—no need to search through a directory or call customer support.
  • Ensure that the tests you want are the tests we run with a clean, easy-to-read bar code.
  • Eliminate the misspellings of patient, owner and doctor names that are sometimes caused by difficult-to-read handwriting.

How To / Resources

Getting connected

IDEXX LabREXX Software is available in the following locations and programs:

IDEXX VetConnect Web site:
  • To use LabREXX on VetConnect, your practice must have a VetConnect account.
  • For assistance using LabREXX on VetConnect, call 80800 40 43399.


Cornerstone Software
  • For assistance setting up LabREXX in Cornerstone software, call 80800 40 43399


AVImark Software
  • For assistance setting up LabREXX in AVImark software, call 1-877-838-9273 (US)


ImproMed Infinity Software
  • For assistance setting up LabREXX in improMed software, call 1-800-925-7171, ext. 2402 (US)


Resource List

VetConnect Online Services user guide

Cornerstone Reference Laboratories Integration user guide

AVImark/IDEXX Reference Laboratories Integration user guide

ImproMed Infinity/IDEXX Laboratories Integration User Guide

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IDEXX is an Educational Partner of the American Association of Equine Practitioners

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