IDEXX EliteVision Digital Imaging System

Designed to deliver superior equine digital images, the IDEXX EliteVision Digital Imaging System:
  • Captures clear, high-quality images more quickly—saving time and making each appointment more efficient
  • Reduces image “noise” and motion artifacts through highly sensitive cesium plate technology and short capture time
  • Delivers important shots in almost every environment—with a lightweight, portable wireless system
  • Provides a full package of support and service, including next-day system swap and on-site support
  • Safeguards and stores your images with the IDEXX ImageBankTM Storage System

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Fast, clear, efficient: A better system for a better image

The IDEXX EliteVision Digital Imaging System delivers the superior images you, your practice and your customers demand—quickly and efficiently—to help your reputation and your bottom line. Other benefits include:

  • Faster image capture—for clear images with fewer retakes.
  • Low-dose efficiency—cesium uses about half the radiation of other plates.
  • Wireless system easily maneuvers around your patients and in close quarters.
  • Durable case protects the system in all kinds of environments and weather conditions.
  • Long-lasting battery lets you stay in the field for as long as it takes to get the images you need.


Detector Type: Amorphous silicon on glass—no tiling
Detecting Area: 9.59" x 11.69" (24.35 cm x 29.70 cm)
Plate Dimensions:
Height: 16.3" (415 mm)
Width: 11.2" (284 mm)
Depth: 0.6" (16 mm)
Weight: 4.8 lb (2.18 kg) 
Pixel Size: 139 μm x 139 μm
Operating/Storage Temperature: 59°F–86°F (15°C–30°C)
Software: CARESTREAM™ Image Suite™ Version 4.0
CARESTREAM and Image Suite are trademarks of Carestream Health, Inc.


A sophisticated solution that’s also easy to use

There’s a lot more to an accurate diagnosis than taking pictures. You also need to analyze, organize, edit and store those images so there’s no possibility of error or doubt.

Image Suite™ Imaging Software

  • Designed with input from independent, board-certified veterinary radiologists
  • Equine-specific shot tree for customizable procedures
  • Practical patient screens and intuitive work flow
  • Conforms to DICOM and meets the guidelines of the American College of Veterinary Radiology (ACVR)

IDEXX ImageBank™ Storage System

  • Images are automatically saved and securely stored in the cloud.
  • Store as many images as you need.
  • Access images from anywhere for real-time sharing on computers, iPad and other mobile devices across your network.

Service & Support

The right support and service for your practice—at the right time

IDEXX provides a high level of support and service, from next-day full-system swap to on-site support and more.

First-class setup and training

Our technicians make sure your installation is as smooth as possible—and your team is thoroughly trained, in person or online.

Dedicated people to back you up

When you have questions, we have answers, 24/7/365—plus extended maintenance agreements (EMAs) to provide you with support for the life of your device.

Ongoing upgrades and innovation

Receive timely software upgrades and other enhancements as the technology advances to keep your digital imaging system and practice up to date.

Return on Investment

Building your business—and relationships—one image at a time

The near- and long-term financial benefits of digital radiography

The EliteVision Digital Imaging System makes financial sense for your practice:

  • Affordable technology with considerable tax benefits
  • Significant revenue generator
  • Superior diagnostic detail for faster decision making
  • Leading-edge technology reinforces your reputation
  • Accurate diagnoses and treatments help build long-term loyalty and referrals

Digital imaging could increase your revenue by 30% or more.1 The following chart illustrates increased revenue potential.



5% $70 $770
36 $60 15% $70 $2870  
125 $60 30% $70 $11410  

Use our Interactive Economic Model to calculate how a digital radiography system could fit into your budget. This easy-to-use tool compares the economics of digital radiography versus film. And keep in mind some other bottom-line benefits of converting to digital radiography:

  • No processor lease or purchase costs
  • The environmental benefits of chemical-free image processing
  • Recaptured square footage and costs for dark-room space and x-ray film storage


Six reasons to go green by going digital

By switching from film to the EliteVision Digital Imaging system you help save time, money and the environment in at least six ways:

  • Eliminates toxic chemicals that can get into the water or soil
  • Provides a safer workplace for employees
  • Cuts costly regulatory fees for disposing of toxic processing chemicals
  • Does away with hazardous waste contracts, special filtering systems or septic tanks for biohazard disposal and storage
  • Decreases insurance liability
  • Demonstrates to patients and the community that you run an eco-friendly veterinary practice
The decision to buy the IDEXX Digital Imaging system was a good one indeed. In addition to the economic benefits, our practice is truly cleaner, greener and safer than before and that feels good!
Kathy Dobesh, DVM, and Mike Dobesh, DVM 
Smith Veterinary Hospital, Sante Fe, New Mexico

Tax advantages

Per IRS tax code section 179, you can deduct up to $25,000 for calendar-year 2014 expenses, limited to taxpayers with no more than $200,000 total capital equipment purchases. As Gary I. Glassman, CPA, points out, your practice could qualify for significant tax savings when you invest in in-house diagnostics such as an IDEXX Digital Imaging System.*

Per IRS tax code section 179, you can immediately deduct up to $500,000 for calendar-year 2013 expenses, as long as total purchases are below $2,000,000. The purchase of new equipment is eligible for 50% bonus depreciation, meaning that one-half of purchases are eligible for immediate write-off in the year the purchase is made. For 2014, deductions drop to $25,000 and are limited to taxpayers with no more than $200,000 total capital equipment purchases.

The archived Webinar Smart Practice Investments in a Tight Economy at the IDEXX Learning Center explains more about the tax advantages of investing in in-house diagnostics.

DICOM is the registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communication of medical information. iPad is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the United States and other countries. 


1. Data on file at IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., Westbrook, Maine, USA.

* This information is for general reference only and is not intended to be tax advice. Please contact your accountant or tax advisor to discuss IRS Section 179 and to receive complete details on current regulations, limitations and guidelines as they may apply to you.